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6 Hot Bowls For This Winter

Winter is coming.
Even Santa still not coming to town, but some towns started to feel a little bit cold right now. 
In the last 2 month of the year, you may have a trip to go somewhere. 
If you have any chance to drop off at Suvarnabhumi Airport, we really recommend you to try one of these great 6 hot bowls at Sushi Go (or you want to order 6 bowls at the same time is ok, just do what you want).

Pork Hot Udon
Soft pork with pure white japanese udon and aroma soup, 100% in paradise.
Beef Hot Udon
Good Beef Good Soup, Perfect. 
Buta Hot Soba
Japanese noodle that we knead until it stick and soft, serve with big size pork slices.
Niku Hot Soba
The taste of wakame soup and the taste of beef are something perfect combo. Don’t miss this bowl!

Ebi Tempura Hot Soba
Shrimp tempura at Sushi Go is a menu that wow everyone for all the time. Now we add it on soup and soba. Well, delicious isn’t enough.
Kake Hot Soba
For vegetarians, this menu is just for you. Good for health and for stomach. Try it 

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